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10 Reasons to Get Off the Cell Phone Ban Wagon

Dealing With Cellphones It Is Just Like You Deal With Scissors

We are only two weeks away from the new beginning of the school year and you could start reading lots of advice and recommendation to teachers. This is not a recommendation, this is a fact in my own terms.

Cool Cat Teacher made a case for good use of cell phones in the classroom last year. I think it is appropriate to bring the list back, now we are to begin a new journey with kids and big mess --for some of us -- with the ring tones on their phones.

Vicky Davis writes on her blog about cell phones: "They are our friend, not our enemy." For an explanation of the facts of each one of her reasons not to ban cell phones in the classroom, visit the 10 Reasons Cell Phones Should Be Allowed In Schools.

If you are in a rush as many of us, here is a recap of the list:

Cell Phones Can Save Us Money
Cell Phones Can Help Students Be More Organized
It Makes Kids More Safe
It Allows Sensitive Issues to be Kept Private
It Alleviates Strain on the Network.
It Alleviates Strain in the IT Department
It Speeds Up Information Retrieval
It Allows Us to Teach Kids Digital Responsibility and Citizenship
It Sets a Model for Effective Change and Innovation
You're fighting a losing battle.

An for other articles about banning cell phones in the classroom, don't just go yet, click here.

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