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Reflection time will help students to learn how to read

I have found an interesting article by Amanda DeCardy. She wrote a piece on her blog Some Tech Sense, where DeCardy explains how the Little Maddie, her daughter, has managed to learn technology at very early age, and now is using it to learn how to read.

While this mom tries to boost the reading on her daughter, she has come up with some questions she expect to be answered in the process. Amanda writes:

    Maddie is the youngest child in her class and needs a bit of a boost with her reading. By introducing the technology component, I am hoping to answer some of these questions over the next couple of months:

    - How does recording herself reading stories and listening to herself impact her reading fluency and comprehension?
    - How does listening to pre-recorded stories that I have made for her on her iPod impact her reading development?
    - How does her attitude toward reading change by using technology to enhance her development?

And Maddie es doing great progress as you can see in this video. Which, by the way, she uploaded it by herself with little help of her mom.

There is a lesson we as parents and teachers have learn here: "As educators, we build reflection time for our students to enhance their learning. As a mom, I believe the self reflection process will give my child the confidence to encourage her reading development."

I wonder whether this self reflection might help my 13 years boy, who still has problems with spelling. And if you know of any method of technique, I'll appreciate very much you let me know about it in the comments section.

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