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Education & Tech: News for Educators 11/08/2010

  • The web and our evolving sense of self privacy

    Are we are evolving our contract with society through our increasing interactions with digital platforms, and in particular, through what we've come to call the web?

  • Thinking About Aggregators

    The primary sources (to start) will be RSS/ATOM feeds and maybe Twitter compatible APIs. On top of this can be built a nice web-feed-reader infrastructure (like Bloglines was), which should support PubSubHubBub for its subscriptions, or an XMPP feed-delivery system , ...or other GUI system for local use.

  • Tech journalism, science journalism - tips & thoughts from London Girl Geek Dinner

    If you just sit in front of a keyboard, you're not a journalist. You have to go out there, collar and interview people, get exclusives. A critic to bloggers and 'churnalists'

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