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With Self-Harm, Students Can't Success Academically

How many of you have worked with teens? I don't expect to have answers as for now, but I pretend to call attention to a topic which is happening among young people this age. By now you may be familiar with, a social chat network where people can ask as many question as they like and there is not limitation at all.

What Danah Boyd has discovered is that many teens are harassing themselves in order to gain attention. Teens who are the victims of bullying – whether by a stranger, a peer, or themselves – are often in need of support, love, validation, and, most of all, healthy attention, writes Boyd in her blog Apophenia.

As teachers we need to be especially careful when dealing with teens. Most of times they can't sleep well and wake up in a very bad mood. In these conditions they march to school where the first clash is with the homeroom teacher. And that behavior can last until the last period at school.

If you notice a misbehaved student try to confront him with another person being present and if needed find the counselor for help. Can be very risky to control a teen who is suffering of attention deficit or is being bullied. Particularly when they are the ones causing damage themselves asking the most though questions.

Danah thinks there are three reasons teens might be doing harm to themselves asking rude and sometimes bully question on

    1. It’s a cry for help. Teens want their parents (and perhaps others in their lives) to notice them and pay attention to them, support them and validate them. They want these people to work diligently to stop the unstoppable but, more importantly, to spend time focused on helping them.

    2. They want to look cool. In some schools, getting criticized is a sign of popularity. Simply put, you have to be cool to garner hate/jealousy/etc. By posting and responding to negative anonymous questions, it’s possible to look important by appearing to be cool enough to be attacked.

    3. They’re trying to trigger compliments. When teens are anonymously attacked, their friends often jump in to say nice things in response to the negative commentary. Thus, a desirable side effect of attacks is a stream of positive support, compliments, and other loving messages.

Where no parents can deal with this, teachers are on call.

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Computers Might Take You Out to Frustration

Bettys's Blog

Computers have minds of their own. Some people are in sync with that, but I’m not one of them. I envy those people who just seem to know what to do.

Yesterday I taught two parent classes at the hospital. Someone had disconnected the computer and the projector. I’m not sure why they did it, but I’m sure there was a purpose. Of course, it didn’t occur to them to reconnect all of the plugs before leaving. Anyway, I didn’t have a clue how to put Humpty Computer back together. It was a Saturday, so all of the tech gurus were off for the day. I ran around like a goose looking for help. Luckily, I did find someone who was able to reconnect everything for me. He was one of those in sync people. Color me green.

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