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Public Officials: Please, Cross the Teachers Off Your Lists!

Last night, before I went to sleep, I was listening to Larry Mendt. His comments made me feel like writing about the budget cuts states are required to undertake to consolidate their budgets. 

But just as the PIX 11's journalist said, the list for budget cuts is wide and according to his belief, he put the teachers at the end of the list. To immediately remove them from that list.

A survey from the NYT/CBS said that Americans do not support a cut in benefits for workers such as is planned in Wisconsin. That is the measure of what people most need in the U.S. Not the rich ones. 

Teachers defend themselves. And the issue of budget setting is not new and should have been solved a long time ago. The problem got complex when Wall Street plunged and the government instead of increasing teacher pay, had to "spend money" to help a very few irresponsible CEOs. 

The average salary of a teacher is only 55K and it is not a burden when you consider that each teacher serves at least a hundred students (customers to speak their language) every day. Does not take much math to understand ratios.

Unfortunately, as some say, on the skinny dog fleas will stick. And that just happens to workers in general, and the police and teachers in particular. Why not cut the number of hours for all state representatives at the national level? 

And more than that, I doubt lawmakers work best when they are 500 than when they are only 60 to 100 to discuss the law. Does anyone of you has ever heard of job cuts in the Senate or House? Never. They are indispensable. 

 Well, let me tell you that teachers are an indispensable asset, too. And if they do not stop cutting positions in the Boards nationwide, the persons who will pay the price are not us, but our growing families and of course the next generation. 

 Educators earn little and the outcome is so much(not to say that they work hard because some might feel the inconvenience).

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