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Is Your Handwriting Clear, Clean And Beautiful?

I have serious issues when using my own handwriting. Sometimes I feel the need to sent notes to parents or even ask someone to edit my writings. The only problem I have is that those letters really suck.

When my son asks me to write clearly when I have to send notes to his own teachers. Y feel like learning my ABCs. He complains that usually the homeroom teacher has to call him out to explain what the recently handed in letter really means. I don't blame my son. I blame technology.

Is there a considerable number of you still reading cursive books anymore?

Besides that, I hardly remember the last time I sent (or received) a handwritten letter. I don't use it neither to my friends, nor to my parents. What I can tell you is that tonight I sent at least ten emails, wrote on fifteen Facebook walls, and tweeted two dozen times.

Some schools mandate its students to learn how to use handwriting properly. Before, students weren't allowed to get a library card before they could write their own name. Today, in place of that, my son has been taken to the computer labs and I, personally, used to take him over there. He was never taught how to master his handwriting skills.

Can you understand why so many kids aren't writing clearly on their homework and reports? And not only kids, there are a good deal of Baby Boomers with the same problem. I personally envy those who have handwriting that flows elegantly over the page instead of looking like hastily scribbled notes, writes Jennifer at Study Blue. Which makes feel a bit relieved.

I also wish most of my students --- and of course, myself--- have taken the time to perfect their penmanship instead of allowing technology to deter them from focusing on this fine art.

Is this happening to you and your students? Share your experiences.

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