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If Students Don't Learn, That's Because They Fall Short On Sleep

Some studies relate sleepiness in the classroom due to obesity.But a recent analysis by Dr. Helene Emsellem, a sleep researcher with George Washington University in Washington,says it's all due to shorter hours of sleep in our teens.

What some parents and students do not realize, the expert explains, is that certainly during the day, they're gathering information. "But they're really not learning it till they sleep on it", said Emsellem.

This explains why most high school students are chronically tired. As for now, a typical high school senior sleeps an average of seven hours, when what a student needs is 9 1/4 hours sleep.

Next time you see a student falling asleep in your class, don't blame them. Blame their home. Parents are responsible to ensure their sons go to sleep on time. No caffeine for them and less light at the time to sleep. Short naps lasting 20-30 minutes work as well, during the school week.

But do not postpone sleep time to the weekend. A teenager typical habit on the weekend creates even more chaos in their sleep-wake cycle:

"Even if you catch up by sleeping in late on your weekend mornings, doing so, it makes it harder for you to fall asleep by 10 or 10:30 on Sunday night. And you start all over again, sleep restricted."

As parent you can verify now, why your teen wakes up tired, grouchy, irritable. He/she simply is so exhausted!

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  1. Unknown said...

    So much of our health problems are related to a lack of sleep, and sometimes that lack of sleep is due to a sleeping disorder. Our society, in general, doesn't take sleep seriously. They don't realize the medical problems it can trigger (weight gain, diabetes, heart problems, etc.) due to lack of oxygen in the blood system and a sluggish metabolism. I highly recommend (as an adult who wasn't diagnosed with a sleep disorder until after my metabolism was effected beyond repair) all adults and children who have any trouble sleep at all to see a sleep doctor...not your regular doctor as they are not well trained in sleep disorders.

  2. private health insurance said...

    That's all true, but there's a study that suggests that a person can maintain his daily productivity rates even with less sleep.

  3. sleep said...

    I agree. Lack of sleep is a deterrent on student learning. The brain is somewhat incapacitated on not being on the optimal condition and that in turn makes an individual too sleepy to absorb anything.

  4. moody said...

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  5. moody said...

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  6. sleep apnea clinics said...

    I've also learned from another reading that our brains are 25% less effective if we lack proper sleep. This also explains why late night cramming doesn't work.

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