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Should Students Wear Uniforms to School?

It’s very common to find members of the Board of Education and many students around this country debating on whether uniforms are for the best or are only used for other reasons. Each side has some very good points but still many schools are beginning to use uniforms. Other schools are either about to hop on the boat, “S.S Uniforms” and leaving the lonely boat of non uniforms. The thing is why should or shouldn’t students use uniforms?

“MOM! What should I wear to school today,” asked Junior as he woke up from bed.

“I don’t know honey just pick anything that you feel is appropriate,” responded his mother. The only problem was the Junior was very indecisive about what to wear. This is his problem each and every morning before going to school. However his cousin Charlie doesn’t have this problem. Why, it’s because he wears a uniform to school instead.

Charlie on the other hand has the problem that the uniform rules are too strict. Sweaters must be worn at all times and the pants are a problem in the summer. It gets too hot outside and the dark khaki pants and wearing the uncomfortable sweater doesn’t make him feel cool, but as if he was in a microwave all the time. He envies his cousin Junior and Junior envies him.

Something most people don’t often realize is that the uniform debate is two extremes of the same coin. On one side we have children who have problems picking out what to wear and on the other we have children who detest uniforms with a passion, because of what they look like or how they feel. This can be used for many of the arguments on either side pro or anti–uniforms.

Pro- uniform people tend to use some pretty excellent points. For example, it’s great to know that you won’t have Junior’s problem on picking what to wear to school. School bullies will not pick on their peers for what they wear, and all because they have uniforms. Gangs wouldn't prosper in this environment either.

Anti- uniform people have quite some things to say themselves. Some people I know are anti-uniform and it’s mostly common among children who go to school. The frequent point people make that are anti-uniform include things like expressing themselves, more freedom and so on and so forth. But something that caught my eye was something a student said, “With uniforms we can’t have any sort of diversity. We should be proud of who we are and what we are. We should be able to wear what we want and how we please.” I believe this is true to an extent, however there is a limit.

Of course, I have my own opinion on this but it’s MY own point of view and that is why I have provided some points of both sides, pro and con. I am not here to persuade any of you but rather to inform which is my only objective. The decision must come from you, the reader, to look at the data given to you and study it, come to your own conclusion.

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