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Distance Learning - The Road to Riches

How far would you take yourself or your kids for receiving the best education of its kinds? Well, the answer in the present generation is likely to be chorused with not much far, as today, education is available at your fingertips. Are you surprised? Well, don’t be; the advancement of technology and the dominance of Internet in global living have allowed individuals to embrace the shift in educational approach that came forward in the name of online education. Yes indeed, distance education within a decade took little steps forward to move up to the digital world making education easily accessible for all.

The Journey so Far

Education during the previous years was strictly confined within the traditional setting of a four-walled classroom that came alive with the hustle and bustle of the students and loud voice of the teacher from the pedestal. Distance learning, introduced during the 70’s though arrived with many promises, failed to live up to the expectation given to the strict dominance of the traditional learning mode and the means of delivering knowledge and sharing content via postal service.

It was only during the 90’s that distance learning received the long-due thrust in the hands of technological advancements and dominance of Internet technology. The concept of delivering knowledge anytime and anywhere without the barriers of time, distance, and geographical boundaries spelled the magic for the learning mode that was defined as comfortable and flexible. Learning via distance holding onto the support of tech-tools soon became a favorite with learners worldwide, as it offered them the opportunity to learn and earn simultaneously.

Distance Learning and the Tech-Advancements

The fact that distance learning grew hands in hands with technological advancements is undeniable. After all, the notion that learning can be accomplished at your own home via mouse clicks took the world of education to unprecedented heights. Integration of technology in education has indeed made it possible to transpire a physical classroom setting in the virtual world making face –to face interaction possible via webcams and communication easier via online chat forums and discussion boards.

Presentations and problem solving can also be achieved through video and audio conferencing, while the huge domain of e-library replaces the traditional library setting conveniently. Additionally, submission of assignments, offering feedback, and taking on students’ assessment in the present age can easily be achieved via learning management systems or software. The trick of distance learning lies in the fact that students can learn at their own pace and learning is accessible to them, as per their needs and interest.

Learning is no more confined within a convention; rather it has spread its wings unfolding new opportunities for the learners allowing a better educational environment.

This is a guest post contributed by Lucia Smith. For more information about Distance Learning, she recommends: http://www.rdi.co.uk/distance-learning/

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