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Return to the Classroom to Learn About the Awesomeness of Being a Teacher

There is one single field where almost everyone who visited College believes has the right to talk and give their own opinion. This the field of Education. As far as I respect what Will Richardson does for this matter, I also think, deed is most important than creed. We have to be educators in practice in order to explain, vent and disrupt the actual educational system. That's why I suggest you read a thoughtful and provocative response to an article W. Richardson wrote on the HuffPo.

Lee Kolbert of A GeekyMomma's Blog wrtites:

In response to your post, I want to tell you that I agree with almost everything you said, but I think you (once again) lost sight of what it's like to be in the trenches. You and many other educational (motivational) speakers and PD experts would do well to take a one/two year hiatus from the awesome (yes, awesome) stuff you/they are currently doing, and spend some time in an FCAT tested grade in a public school. There are many who could use to spend a year dealing with this head-on; rather than writing or lecturing about it and making teachers feel poorly about the instructional choices they are forced to make every day. It would make you and these other folks even more awesome.

You really want to speak about education...get in the educators trenches!

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