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Top Sites for Renting Textbooks Online

By  Amanda Watson*
Ask any student about one of the most ridiculous education costs they face, and textbooks will surely be high on the list. Your first experience buying books as a college freshman can be a bit shocking as you end up walking out the door of the bookstore with a $500 receipt in hand. And the worst part? Don’t expect to get more than half of what you spent back when you return the book used three months later. When there are so many other costs that college students need to attend to, these prices seem more than steep and are definitely verging on downright wrong. Luckily, there are now ways to bypass these high prices altogether by utilizing offers from some of the newest technology and web companies. Book rental companies have sprung up like wildfire in the past few years and have become efficient and cost-saving ways to get the books you need for college. If you have yet to try an online book rental, check out some of the most reputable:

1. Chegg.com

Chegg is one of the more popular book rental sites out there. Students can rent or buy textbooks in a variety of different states, from used and torn to perfectly new. The site also buys unwanted textbooks from students and claims to pay some of the best prices out there for used titles. Chegg has also expanded to offer course reviews, grade distributions and homework help to all students.

2. BookRenter.com

BookRenter was founded by college student, Colin Barceloux, who was disturbed by the high cost of textbooks and the fact that they would so quickly lose their value after the initial purchase. While working as a mailman on campus to earn extra money, he noticed huge amounts of books left behind by students or marked as without value by the school library. He began to collect and sell them online. Realizing that buying and selling books online, term by term, was equivalent to renting books, he soon came up with the idea to start a book rental company.

3. Ecampus.com

Ecampus is a very well-streamlined site for book rental. Students can rent books, get them directly delivered, and then return or sell them once their rental period ends. Students can also sell their own textbooks to Ecampus and get paid instantly via direct deposit.

4. CollegeBookRenter.com

All you need to do is choose an item, input how long you will need it, and then check out. The site provides different rental periods that coincide with most school schedules. To return a book, you simply log into your account, print out the shipping labels provided by the site and drop off the books at a UPS location. Users can choose between used and new textbooks. They can also sell the book after they use it, if they decide not to do an exchange and pocket the cash.

(*) Amanda Watson is a blogger who loves to share her passion for online higher education with her many readers. She gladly dispenses online mba advice and shares her wisdom for all things related to getting a degree online. Send her an email at watsonamanda.48@gmail.com.

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