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"Social Media Is Serendipity On Steroids"


"Social media is still a maturing platform that requires a full commitment; it demands your time and high-levels of responsibility. If you are active on social media only to increase your number of Facebook friends, Twitter followers and LinkedIn connections – and not to offer any real value during the process – then you are doing it for the wrong reasons. The goal is to add value to the audience that you are serving. This requires work, but more importantly it requires you to value yourself. And if you don’t value yourself, you are being irresponsible to those who expect value from you. In a world where perception is increasingly being confused with reality, we don’t need more people being catfished.

Unfortunately, there are many self-proclaimed experts and thought-leaders whose sole focus is to leverage social media as a “self-promotion” platform rather than using it to engage with meaningful and purposeful intentions. The reason most people don’t engage with social media the right way is because they don’t value themselves enough to stand for something of significance that they can share unconditionally with others. Instead, they mismanage their valuable time, thus further devaluing themselves."

This is an exerpt of the original article written by Glenn Llopis and first appeared on forbes.com

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