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A reflexion on the "Teacher Appreciation Day"

When someone hears about a teacher, this person thinks of another one, simply working in school. Is only on the headquarters --read it as school environment, that teachers start to distinguish from other careers. The contact with kids or teen makes of a educator a object of a long lasting relationship. May 7th marks a date of self-celebrations for colleagues who until now lack of any recognition at all.

As Elena Aguilar, writes: Teachers deserve such massive amounts of appreciation that to cram it into one day, or even a week, just feels dismissive." I may sound as a complain, but I think community needs to learn how to appreciate an educator and most importantly, express it.

We live in a society where people focus more on weaknesses, rather than strengths and successes. The education community has to stand out and stop demanding for more, but in place concentrate its attention on what has been identified as positive behavior and attitudes in all people.

On the truth to be told, a heading of the aforementioned article by Aguilar, she makes a powerful closing of her article in Edutopia:

"Teacher Appreciation has to go beyond the single day. It needs to be expressed in a myriad of ways (including monetarily) and by just about everyone in our society. It is also something that teachers and principals can cultivate. We need to build cultures of appreciation in our classrooms and schools; in order to do this.

We need to develop structures through which students can appreciate each other, and those who support them at school -- including those who clean the bathrooms, fix their lunches, and monitor recess. Principals need to appreciate their teachers -- and in more ways than the occasional bagel-breakfast; and teachers need to appreciate their principals (I don't think there's even a bagel-equivalent for them).

But really, I'd argue that it can be very simple: a short verbal appreciation goes a long way. What if every day we all appreciated five (or even ten!) colleagues, students, and parents? If nothing else, I know that I'd feel good doing it. If this was the case, I think I'd actually enjoy Teacher Appreciation Day a lot more."

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