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5 Technologies That Changed Education

By Regina Brown*

Would you still want to adhere to that old classroom system in education? I guess, in the age of i-phones, i-pads, and technology transforming learning and teaching altogether, you would not. Would you? The developments took place in communication technologies in recent time prompted educators to think anew. And, the emergence of hi-tech gadgets towards the improved style of delivering education really turns our minds to a tech-based learning, which is easy, effective and enjoyable.

Students nowadays are not so shy and kind of introvert as previously they used to be. Rather, they now prefer more participation. They are the active audience, ready to take on new assignments in their favourite mode of learning.


The scene of a poster board in a classroom is absolutely extinct now. The place has been swiftly acquired by OpenClass, obliterating every boundary of time and distance. It is a cloud-based system that enables students to always be connected to their study materials, assignments and teachers. To a step further, mobile and tablet apps associated with OpenClass give enormous power to the students, where they can access their course content, follow and participate in announcements and discussions.

Next, do you still find anyone carrying his or her bulky three-ring binder anymore? How can you when tablets, textbooks are smart ways available to keep every records and folders intact safely. More to this, one now has in hand web 2.0 tool, LiveBinders that users can use to create their binder online.


Textbooks are even not in their old shapes and styles. They have altogether changed their appearance to make it as web-based sites, animations, additional materials, videos, assessments and other materials to conduct this new generation style of learning. This is the era of eBooks in the profuse strain atmosphere of e-learning. So, say goodbye to backpacks and heavy textbooks in the ready availability of easy-way education.


The most updated development in e-learning, LMS or Learning Management System are web-based access to learning contents and administration. This system provides learning and teaching to a larger population.

Virtual Classrooms

One has the advantages of web-conferencing to bring very distant talents and knowledgeable minds at your hand's stretch. Web-conferencing is the basic way of conducting virtual classrooms. And, with virtual classrooms, students take recourse to webinars for personal and professional development. The time is for this kind of blended learning engaging technology in its best for versatile academic enterprises.

Online Library

With this kind of developments brought forward in education strategy, would you consider to stand on a queue for your new issuance of a book? Definitely not! I know. This is because, Open Text Library Management Systems, another fully web-based infrastructure, is there right for your use to manage digital content, multimedia printings and every other internet resource integrated library systems for automatic library operations.

Mobile phones are even also not limited to mere conversational end anymore; rather they are designed to devise new age learning. Smart phones and i-phones are designed to always stay connected with the learning contents and tutors’ supervision. Technology has changed the definition of education – at least in the way they are taught and learnt.

(*) is an educationist and a regular blogger on education. She recommends today’s new age learners to opt for online distance learning so that they can pursue quality education and achieve a balanced lifestyle as well as a successful career.

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