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7 Great Free Online Writing Tools for Spirited Writers

By Paige Donahue*

There are many warnings against the internet. Some people make it sound as if the internet can only cause harm to those who use it. However, every day there are more reasons to believe that it's definitely a positive innovation. Distance learning is possible thanks to the world wide web. Information disseminates fast through the help of social networks and blogs. But most importantly, learning is promoted with the help of the different tools provided online.

What's even more amazing is how some of these tools are free. Students and teachers alike will benefit from the free writing tools they can procure anytime, any day.

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     1.  Title Capitalization  – How to capitalize titles is one the first things taught to a student. But over the years, it's where students commonly make mistakes. The rules seem to be baffling majority of students. If they find in difficulty in understanding which words should be capitalized, this website does it easily for them. This tool auto-corrects as they type in the text box.

    2.  Pro Writing Aid  – Just by copy-pasting your composition on the text box, you'll be given a thorough analysis of your work. It covers a comprehensive editing scope since it doesn't just deals with grammar but even syntax and spelling. It directly points out mistakes and offers suggestions on how the composition can be improved.

    3.  CSU's Writing Studio  – Colorado State University is free even for those who aren't enrolled in the school. By creating an account, the user can sort through all their writing requirements and helps them organize their materials for each writing project. Other features of this tool are the to-do list, blogs, and personal calendar.

    4.  Read Write Think  – Students are often advised to create an outline first before heading straight into writing. With Read Write Think's Essay Map, users can plot out their ideas. It has an interactive flow chart that will guide the user in plotting out their ideas to create an outline. The website offers other interactive tools that can help students compose poems, improve vocabulary, and analyze stories.

    5.  Easy Essay  – A tool that's used by grade school students and dissertation writers alike, this website aims to make writing easy. It aims to help writers to organize their thoughts. There are prompts that will guide them in the process. Easy Essay is designed to be convenient that's why it can be learned in less than five minutes.

    6.  Grammar Check – It instantly analyzes any composition entered in the text box. It doesn't just check grammar but spelling as well. This grammar checker also offers suggestions on what you can do to correct and improve your work.

    7.  Copyediting & Proofreading For Dummies  – If you're looking for a guidebook in writing, this is probably the best one out there. It's the simplest style book out there, because this book aims to be understandable by anyone. It's viewable online without having to register. If you're in need of a quick grammar notes, this is a good tool to check.

The rapid growth of technology can be a scary thing, but once it partners with a great cause it surely creates wonders.

(*) Paige Donahue is a graduate student and a copy editor for a rush essay service. You can reach her on Twitter or visit her blog The Very Last Paige.

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