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Wishing Our Readers a Joyful Merry Xmas!

We are done with 2012, or nearly done. The festive season is upon us and here we are wishing all of you taking one the most relaxing and peaceful Merry Christmas, and for those of you who aren’t for whatever reason, please don’t work too hard.

I want to thank you all for visiting Education & Tech, for your guest posts, your comments, your friendship, and your support throughout this year.

Again, I wish you all peace, love, joy, merriment, safe travels, good cheer, and kisses under the mistletoe. Enjoy the seasonal break, play in the snow, get cozy with the ones you love, decompress, eat chocolate, and have a glass of bubbly or two. This time of the year you all are forgiven.

As ever, though, if you think there are things we are doing wrong or that there are ways in which we can improve what we offer you, please let us know.

Photo credit to Media Molecula.

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