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Apply These 5 Productive Apps To Facilitate Project-Based Learning

By Alisha Ellis*

Project-based learning (PBL) is a productive way among students to execute projects. It helps students work on strategies, share resources and discuss ideas related to a project. This type of learning facilitates the learning process and comes handy for students to share knowledge and information. Project based learning tools allow students to coordinate information across their networks so that all members remain on the same page.

This article will focus on apps that can be utilized to assist students in project-based learning:

PBL - wiki.monroe.edu
1. BaseCamp: It tackles all issues that get in the way while accomplishing projects. It complements the concept of project-based learning in its true sense. Basecamp provides everything from data storage services to chatting and online discussions, students can do all these tasks using only a single space. With this app, students can access their works through any digital outlets. Now students can acquire latest information, refer to files and make timely decisions for their important projects.

2. Animoto: This app offers an innovative way to share your ideas to your audience. This tool uses Cinematic intelligence technology to produce videos and slide shows. Students can use it to create high-quality videos. The good thing is that students can create any video via a simple procedure. No need for complex steps. No more hassles of uploading and downloading. Just add your pictures, choose your caption, select style, put a music theme and click 'produce'. Finally, students will get a video that they can share with their fellow classmates and teachers.

3. Glogster: Glogster can be used to showcase important elements of your project. It incorporates multimedia elements to create a graphic blog that will project your work to your audience. With Glogster, you can compose a poster by adding images, embedding infographics or using videos. You can then share this creation with your viewers. This application is best for presenting ideas of a proposal or assignment for your final year project.

4. Kickoff: It offers real-time activities for project-based learners. Using this collaborative platform, students can engage in shared tasks or join group discussions to exchange opinions. In this way, students are able to manage their tasks, organize their resources and schedule dates. Similarly, students can get feedback and share thoughts on a project by initiating productive debates.

5. MindNode: This app is meant for users on the go who can use it for mind mapping purposes. It empowers students to note down any idea when and where they encountered it. All they need is to feed that thought to their iPhone so that they can work on them later. It integrates iCloud which means students. can simply get access to all their mind maps using any device.

(*) Alisha Ellis is addicted of writing articles on different topics. She is an assignment writer at Assignment Arena. Find her on Facebook.

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