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8 Apps Every High School Student Needs

By Jennifer Thayer*

We are well into the spring semester and heading toward midterms and AP exams. As you buckle down and hit the books hard while navigating a busy schedule, you’ll want to equip yourself with every available resource possible. Be smart about the resources you use, though. Gone are the days of lugging around a backpack full of heavy books, planners, maps and calculators — cellphones are much smaller and lighter. Check out these eight apps every high school student should have.

For Scheduling: Studious

Featured on MSNBC and Lifehacker, Studious is a digital planner that helps you keep track of your daily class schedule, remember homework due dates and plan for upcoming exams. Add in extra information like a campus map and your teachers’ names. Also, the app automatically silences your phone during class according to your schedule.

For Studying: SparkNotes

These study guides are perfect for making your way through Shakespeare, poetry, drama, and other works of literature. The app comes pre-loaded with 50 study guides, and you have access to hundreds more SparkNotes online. If you feel like being social, you can share what you’re learning with your friends via your Facebook feed, or start a SparkNotes study guide from your smartphone.

For Math Class: Maths Formulas

If you’re taking any kind of math course — geometry, statistics, calculus, trigonometry — you’ll want to download the Maths Formulas app. Described as very user-friendly, Maths Formulas covers over 100 math formulas at a high school level, many with examples to help you better understand the concepts.

For English Class: Grammar Guide 

Have a question as you’re drafting a paper or answering some reading comprehension questions? Turn to the Grammar Guide app, which offers topics like misspelled words, punctuation, capitalization, frequently misused words and more. The app also has tips for proofreading your work.

For History Class: World Atlas

If you’re taking a world history or geography class, use the Word Atlas app to learn about more than 250 countries. The app has a pointer to Wikipedia so you can brush up on facts like capitals, flags, the World Wonders, and other information.

For Science Class: Periodic Table

An app with a periodic table is a must for any chemistry student. The app features the full table and enables you to view sections of the table or select an element, in particular, to read about. There’s also a quiz feature and audio clips to help you with pronunciation.

For Spanish Class: Easy Language Translator 

Aptly-named, Easy Language Translator translates text and voice for 79 languages. The app is fast and effective for your French, Spanish, Italian or German classes. Share or send your translation, or use the “Favorite” feature for quick future reference.

For SAT Prep: Virtual SAT Tutor – Vocabulary

Wondering how you’ll memorize those critical SAT vocab words? With the Virtual SAT Tutor app, of course! The app uses a variety of strategies, including word roots, antonyms, and mnemonic devices, to help you master new words and hopefully nail the vocabulary portion of the SATs.

High school students can easily turn their iPhone 5S or Galaxy S4 cellphone from T-Mobile into an educational resource by downloading any of these eight apps.

(*) Jennifer Thayer is a technology writer who loves sharing helpful ways people can utilize technology in their day-to-day lives. Follow her on Twitter to see what other tips she comes up with.

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