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If Snowden Is Indeed a Traitor He Betrayed the Cops, Not Us. If He's a Spy, He's Spying for the People, Not the State

The Day We Fight Back, #StoptheNSA
Revelations surrounding the surveillance practices of the NSA and other Western government intelligence agencies may have made 2013 the year the Internet lost its innocence within democratic states.

There is absolutely no question, mass government surveillance is a global problem. Many say If don't do anything wrong there is nothing to worry about. That's not that simple.

This kind of programs violate our right to privacy and infringe on our rights to freedom of expression adn association. Our students need to know that mass surveillance harm the freedom and openness of the global internet they enjoy today.

And it goes against our most democratic values.

If Edward Snowden hadn't told us the NSA was gathering this evidence, and the DEA was using it, we'd never have known. So, "If Snowden  is indeed a traitor he betrayed the cops, not us. If he's a spy, he's spying for the people, not for the prison state..."

Today,  February 11, 2014, individuals, civil society organizations, and thousands of websites are coming all together to take stand against mass surveillance.

If you are an educator, please make your voice listened whether on your classroom, the Web or even the streets.

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