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Digital Education - 8 Ways To Use Google Plus In Classroom

By Vanessa Collister*

Digital Education

Google Plus is the second largest social networking site in social media sector. Google Plus provides uncountable services to users that may include hangouts, conferencing, sharing, commenting, and, of course, social networking. Students can utilize this magnificent digital space in numerous ways and make their classroom a fun podium to flourish their skills. Not only does it assist students with their studies but it also helps teachers interact with their disciples at a more digital level thereby allowing both the parties an effective learning and teaching experience, respectively. Let’s have a look at how we can use the endless benefits of Google Plus in the classroom and make the most out of this digital experience.

1. Hangouts

As the name implies, the features allows a free audio/video conference with a maximum capacity of 10 users at a time. Students can utilize this service for group studies as well as for receiving online lectures from their teachers. With the help of a number of apps inside the hangout, you can share documents, pictures, videos, presentations and assignments with other students and teachers as well.

2. Collaborative Study Discussions

Now the old era has gone when students had to wait at the bus stops to commute to their friend’s house to collaborate on a homework or college project. With the advent of G+, it has become fairly easy for students to communicate with each other or collaborate in numerous ways through chat, comments, audio-video conferencing calls and group discussions. Now students can spend their time on online group studies right from the comfort of their home.

3. Guest Speakers

With the help of Google +, teachers can arrange a weekly or monthly guest speaking session where prominent and influential speakers can share their insights with students. At the end of the session, teachers may encourage learners to give their feedback on the topic or ask questions regarding the lecture given by the guest speaker. Moreover, if you want to invite any famous public speaker to deliver a lecture at your place, you may find him on Google Plus under the search option.

4. Taking Test

This social network is the easiest way for teachers to conduct tests online of students getting distant education. Students also find it easier to take their test at home using the many features of Gplus. The online learning or distant learning through Google Plus is best for those students who are either disabled or socially introvert.

5. Conducting Interviews

Extending the above idea, it gets really feasible to conduct interviews using ‘hangouts’. International schools, colleges or universities can take online interview of potential students who are planning to study abroad. Consequently, it will save a great deal of time for the admission committee to assess foreign students.

6. Online Competitions & Quizzes

The best way that can be used by a teacher to polish up their students’ skills in a collaborative manner is through online competition and quizzes. There is an option in ‘hangout’ through which you can add documents on Google Plus. This option can further be used to conduct writing competitions by a teacher. Similarly, art instructors can use this application for organizing online art competitions.

7. Remote Coaching

If any of the teachers is unable to attend class because of some problem, he can take benefit from Google Plus many features without postponing lecture.

8. Parents-Teacher Conference

Parents who have a hectic job routine find it hard to make it to the parent-teacher conference to discuss the performance and status of their children. However with Google Plus, attending parents-teacher conferences will no longer be a problem anymore because Google Plus strives to bridge the gap of distant communication thereby allowing people to meet and converse online whenever they want.

(*) Vanessa Collister a professional academic research writer at Assignmentkingdom.co.uk, and an aspiring writer with a love for reading and writing having a keen interest in tech and education blogs and she loves to aid students with their problems.

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