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Guide to Managing Post-Exam and in-Exam Stress

By Frank Wilson*

This seems to be apparent that the time of exams is indeed the most stressful moment of one's life. Even the most outstanding students feel it really tough to cope with the nervous environment of the classroom, the murmuring of students revising their tasks, the tic-toc of the clock, sounds of paper, and gate sounds of instructors. Above all, the fear of forgetting even a single word seems to be the dominating one of all.

The stress caused by the exam can be divided into two phases: post-exams stress and during-exam stress. We will first discuss the former stress and then later connect it with the latter.

Post Exam Stress Management Tips

A student must quit all his social activities before 3 months of exams and start revising all the materials provided by the teacher. A student must know the use of the Internet as well to find the past papers, and he should use online resources or tutorials to clarify concepts that he finds difficult to comprehend.

After, he must prepare his schedule for the entire month and must work accordingly to not only save his time but also to avoid any consequences.

Lastly, always arrive at the examination venue before time to avoid any eleventh-hour hassles. Research suggests that 99% of students who fail to reach the exam room on time take almost 15-20 minutes to relax and clear the air of stress. It is rightly said: "Punctuality always pays off". Therefore, it is recommended that you should always show yourself on time, whether it is for the exam or interview.

In Exam Stress Handling Tips

Now, the second phase comes which is no doubt the most stressful one. In the following lines, we will discuss tips to avoid stress during the exam day and to focus effectively on our paper.

What is the best way to overcome the stress on exam day? What one should do so that his hard work, which he did over the entire year, does not go wasted just because of the fear of exam day? Several psychologists have discussed this issue over various forums and have provided a list of therapies that a student must do in order to feel relaxed and comfortable.

The best way to cope with such a situation is undoubtedly to "relax your breath". The zero bum of your breath can do magic in such a situation. Whether it is the fear of exams or the tension of results, the deep breath can not only make you relax but it also reduces the anxiety and the pressure.

Secondly, check the list before entering the exam room. In most cases, you are not allowed to sit according to your own desire, but rather as per the instructions of an instructor or teacher.

Thirdly, listen to the instructions of the invigilator given before and during the exams to avoid any miss-haps. Sometimes it happens that when you indulge in the exam stress so much that you forget to listen to the instructions and at the end of the day you end up doing something that is prohibited or not instructed. So, be on your guard.

Fourthly, read the entire question paper, both sides two or three times. It happens with most of the students that they fail to check the paper thoroughly due to the endless exam pressure and end up getting poor grades, even though they worked really hard.

Finally, do read your answer scripts thoroughly and counter check all spelling and grammar mistakes efficiently. These tips will create a significant difference in your grades. So, do consider these minor things as they can bring a major change in your own personality as well and will make you efficient, resourceful, and organized!

(*) Frank Wilson is an experienced and keen blogger. He loves to write for travel, career, technology and education topics. In his spare time, he prefers to read fiction books and watching action movies. He is currently a regular blogger at Coursework Writing Service

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