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The 7 C's to Winning the All-Time Wished Scholarship

Photo Credit: Reeves College

Next year about this time my boy will be getting in any higher education campus in the U.S. Don't need to mention names but all is about my son decisions, and how much money he can collect from scholarships.

Reading through an article by Elizabeth Hoytt on fastweb. com, I found this interesting note on how to approach to win a scholarship now that higher education has become more expensive than ever. One of the Cs states that if you are looking for this kind of opportunities, you should let everyone know about it.

So, for this matter, I hope some of you can help us, my son and I, to "gain experiences that scholarship providers will value."

The 7 Cs Hoytt mentions are summarized below:

1. Content - Look out for resources like books, testimonials of scholarship winners and websites.

2. Commitment - Never give up applying for scholarships funds – because then you are guaranteed to never win one. Take the time to apply to scholarships that may require more work.

3. Communicate - The one I was referring to. Get letters of recommendation to attach to your application from your teachers, mentors and guidance counselors.

4. Causes - Do volunteering working on issues you are really passionate about. Scholarship providers are more likely to notice.

5. Create - Develop a new thing that solves anything in the school or community. Leadership role is a plus on these applications.

6. Compliment - Do your own Senior Brag Sheet. Each achievement gives you an extra edge and will help distinguish you from the competition.

7. Curriculum - Try to take AP courses as much as you are able to. A mix of more and less challenging courses that will manage to get you a higher GPA.

If you know or are interested on getting scholarship funds, I will be a good partner in crime.

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Milton Ramirez

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