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Why Educators Should Talk More About Their Work and Accomplishments

In the business area, it's common practice to have handy what they called their Elevator Pitch, but when you are in the education environment, their participants either do not care about this or simply they are too shy to brag about themselves.

Being a teacher is neither good nor bad. It's another career like any other out there and nobody should feel ashamed to become a teacher even when media through its headlines keeps saying that more and more teachers are leaving their professions.

An Elevator Pitch, the one most businessman recite at every new encounter, should be a common practice among educators. Many are already doing it, you just have to check their professional profile on LinkedIn or Twitter.

There is more. Anne O'Brien explains, "the key to successful self-promotion, or bragging, is conveying authenticity -- sharing your story about your work and accomplishments." The technique says it should be performed in less than a minute during regular conversations.

Fine-tune your CV and your Elevator Pitch to the next place you visit, or conversation you hold with a stranger. But above all, learn how to accept compliments.  A 'Thank you' is not enough. You have to smile and feel comfortable with what makes you memorable.

Presenting and accepting the positive outcomes of what you had to struggle for shouldn't be considered as egotistical or narcissistic, on the other hand, what it really means is you present value to other people and exercise a healthy self-image of who you are.

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