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American Teachers Unable to Buy Their Own House

An article in the PBS NewsHour has sparked controversy on the Internet whether teachers really are paid enough (or even well paid) to afford their own houses. Community argues teachers are living well because they only work for 9 months during the year, opposite to what everyone else is working in the U.S. Some others differ:

Most teachers earn much less than $57K, says Rodrigo Fernandez, a Chilean in Austin, Texas. They have to work more than 40 hours a week, spend their own money in educational materials, and have children of their own, and they have the responsibility of preparing most of your children for the future.

However, teachers are not so much different than some other Americans. In order to get your own house, the stream of two incomes is necessary for any middle-class family. That is precisely what Fawn Neun, a Chief Editor and Hair Puller at Vagabondage Press, in Florida, wrote in Facebook. "I know a lot of people that would love to have a $56k a year salary who have similar qualifications and professional standing as most public school teachers. Housing frequently requires two incomes for everyone in the middle class now."

Mel Gee is another of the participants in the discussion. This person relies on statistics to back up the argument that teachers are well off as of now. US Median Income across all professions is $51,939. So many Americans can't afford to buy a house. At least teachers have a retirement fund, affordable healthcare, and union protection. Gee asserts she's a "pro-teacher" so she's not against them having these things. She just thinks we all should.

And of course, we have interpretations pointing to the political parties. Keith Sottung from Holland, Pennsylvania, declares: "The GOP has made it very clear teachers are an expense obstacle towards a profitable business. Do get me started on how they feel about unionized teachers."

The study by the National Housing Conference, Paycheck to Paycheck - A Snapshot of House Affordability for School Workers to which the PBS NewsHour refers to is here.

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