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Education & Tech: 2016 Year in Review

This year here at Education & Tech we relied on guest writers for the most part. As an editor, I focused primordially on the round ups promoting and presenting relevant links to important topics generally based on education.

I also have to mention that Education & Tech has been referenced on paper research and books as I am going to mention: Handbook of Research on Innovative Technology Integration in Higher Education by Fredrick Muyia Nafukho & Beverly J. Irvy. Journalist blogosphere in Ecuador. The deliberated opinion ¿Who are they and what do they write?[es] by Ma. Isabel Punin & Benazir Gutiérrez. And as source of relevant research by the Visionary Leaders Institute whose president is Mr. Ako Kambon.

Beyond that and given our low editorial production this year, I can tell we are satisfied with the range and reach of this blog. I promise the next year it's going to be better and more productive. In the meantime, I'd like to share with you the 10 most read blog post during 2016:

1. How to Stay Motivated Throughout Academic Life. This was a guest post by Ishika Agarwal and among other things, he wrote that pushing yourself too much can be stressful and it can certainly lead to demotivation. It is what usually happens with students who desperately want to achieve everything without strategizing their goals.

2. 10 Gadgets To Help College Students Get Through The Year. A guest post by our long time contributor Jennifer Thayer.

3. Applying the Concept of 'Supply & Demand' to the Teacher Shortage in America. This was an essay we worked way ahead of president-elect Donal Trump. By then, we already envisioned the necessity of hold accountable all our representatives and constituents, including the nominated Secretary of Education,Betsy DeVos.

4. Expressions You Will Regret Saying to Your Students. Relationships matters. It's time to choose very carefully our words when in front of a full room of students.

5. Why Educators Should Talk More About Their Work and Accomplishments. An Elevator Pitch, the one most businessman recite at every new encounter, should be a common practice among educators as well.

6. Social Justice Seen Through the Educators Eyes. Social activists in need of representation should read this post. You'll read about 'educolor' and the necessity to "uplift of people of color in education."

7. Four Most Valuable Tips for New College Students. Another guest post by Jessica Alabama. Higher education does play a huge role to offer in the success or betterment of those pursuing college education.

8. Technology's Impact on Studying Abroad. Students go into study abroad programs with a goal to expand intellectually through cultural immersion, and technology is helping them break barriers.

9. Nuances of Written English Not Taught in School. Guest post by Lucy Adams. Being a non-native speaker among natives is sometimes challenging. The fewer mistakes you make, the more credible you look in the eyes of English pen wizards, writes Adams.

10. Is The SAT Fair Or Unfair?. I am pretty sure you are familiar with other acronyms like TOEFL, GRE and GMAT. All of them part of a very lucrative business rather than intellectual capacities assessments metric. And the sad part is that there is no a definitive answer.

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Milton Ramirez

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