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Why Learning Should Be Fun

A college education is the accepted pathway between high school and a successful career. Every year, millions of students graduate from high school and enroll in degree programs, with a view to working hard and securing a well-paid job. Some of the most popular degree subjects include computer science and business studies, as these open many doors into lucrative careers. However, what students should remember is that learning is supposed to be fun, so although you should keep one eye on your future career, it is always better to major in a subject you enjoy.

College is hard work. You have three or four years of slog to look forward to, with endless assignments, exams, and all-nighters spent studying. Some students sail through the experience, but others struggle to cope. Unfortunately, studying a subject you feel uncomfortable with only serves to make matters worse.

Choosing the Right College Course

Plenty of students are railroaded into signing up for a major they hate. Peer pressure, parental pressure, and even poor advice from a career advisor can lead to bad choices when choosing a college course. The problem is that if you end up studying for a degree you don't feel passionate about, you are unlikely to put in the required amount of effort needed to secure a top grade. This is a waste of your time and that of your tutors, not to mention a huge waste of money.

Listen to Your Inner Voice

Rather than signing up for a course just because your parents think it's a great idea or because your boyfriend already has a place, listen to your inner voice. This is your education and you have a right to study a subject that interests you. College is hard enough without sitting through lectures on a subject you find as interesting as watching paint dry. Sure, it may score you a good job in four years' time, but how likely are you to achieve a top grade if you can hardly bring yourself to finish assignments? Exactly, not very is the answer.

What Subjects Interest You?

Rather than setting yourself up for failure, look for a course you are actually interested in studying. For example, if you love history, a military history degree program might be perfect. You could even look at an online history or military history degree in your spare time while you work. The point I am making here is that it is your life and therefore your choice. Don't be pushed into enrolling on a college course just because your parents think it is a great idea. They are not the ones putting the hard work in.

If you are part of the way through a degree course and something isn't working for you, take stock and look at your options. Is this a temporary blip or are you really not feeling the love? If you are having problems, talk through your options with a college advisor. You could always switch do a different major if your current course is not working for you. What you shouldn't do is drop out. That is definitely not the answer.

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