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Top 5 Tools for Remote Education and Conferencing

remote education

The technological advancements have changed the way every individual in all industries lives. It has transformed the way people work, act, and carry out day-to-day activities through the introduction of gadgets, tools, and features. Technological innovations are making the lives of human beings easier because it is making every activity efficient that saves a lot of time. In the business world, any firm that fails to keep up with technological advancement is unlikely to survive the competition because other firms are able to cut costs and be more productive.

However, technology in the educational sector is very impressive. One of the most useful progress was the introduction of distant or remote education due to which a lot of students who were either not able or simply just not willing to attend school were able to get an education. Remote education is described as the mode of education in which the student does not need to be physically present in a class but can be taught via technological methods from another part of the world. This kind of learning has proved to be effective and following are 5 best tools you should try for remote education via conference:

1. Google Meet for Education: The first in the list is Google Meet which is basically and online video-conference platform used for various purposes. Due to the coronavirus, this past May Google released free for everyone and as of now, it's becoming a productivity app. The company is integrating Docs, Chat, and Meet more deeply with Gmail. One popular use of Meet for Education is that teachers, students, and experts can connect via a video conference for remote education and learn a particular course online. The tool is very smooth and it is often used to broadcast presenters in auditoriums.

2. Skype: A tool that you must be aware of, Skype is a multipurpose place where people can connect with others all over the world. Some do it to have a chat with relatives living far away while others use Skype to make business deals. It is popularly used for remote learning now as experts teach various courses through video conferencing to students. Skype is by far the most reliable tool for remote learning and conferencing.

3) Speek: Next in the list with regard to remote education and conferencing is Speek whose main purpose was to introduce a platform for educationists to communicate via conference calls in order to discuss projects and take lectures from various professors. Although the tool is not very popular, you will still find it amazing and have a smooth conference call experience.

4) FaceTime: The only limitation being the requirement of an Apple gadget, FaceTime is another popular tool used for remote learning and conferencing. FaceTime is a video conferencing tool that is very simple to use and connects thousands of people from all the world.

5) Zoom: Finally, last but not the least, Zoom is another tool for video and web conferencing which is not only used for educational purpose. Users tend to do video conferencing with some very valuable clients via this tool because the quality is excellent and is reliable enough.

These are the best five tools for remote learning and conferencing that you should prioritize. Other tools, however, can also be used.

This article was contributed by Ruby Madeley. She is the management consultant at a shipping company in Georgetown. Ruby studied management sciences in graduate school. She also works in Quick Assignment Help UK and provides help to students who ask her for guidance and is interested in innovative educational methods.

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