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How to Write a Rock-Solid Dissertation/Thesis - Grad Coach

Many in the graduate programs are struggling with this process. How out of the blue you going to seat and start typing what universities call a dissertation or thesis plan. You are not alone. As far as I am involved with writing and my experience in the business world and the education system, pursuing my doctorate has taken me to experience first hand the stress and for some, even trauma to write the firs plan of research and get familiar with all styling of research available. 

 In this video, Derek Jensen demystifies the process with a tutorial that summarizes everything in 6 steps:

1) Provisional/working title (how to structure the title, what to include, etc.; 2) Introduction and research problem (how to build a convincing research problem); 3) Literature review (what the literature chapter needs to do); 4) Research design/methodology (key design choices), 5) References (how and where to cite); and,  6) Practicalities (project management, risk management and ethics)


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