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Teachers will have one of their own in the White House

This was some of the words of president-elect Joe Biden during his speech the Saturday in Wilmington, Delaware. He hasn't been confirmed as president yet, but he's working on reversing the actual Secretary of Education's decisions.  

Biden does not have a candidate for the same position, so he referred to his wife, Jill Biden, an English professor at Northern Virginia Community College.

His campaign pledged to boost the $16 billion Title I program by triplicating its funding preferably to increase teachers' salary that is considered to be 20% less than other professionals with the same amount of education. 

Dr. Jill Biden
Dr. Jill Biden in Lancaster - Photo Christopher Dilts for Obama for America

One of the biggest ways in which the incoming administration will signal its support for educators is through the naming of an education secretary. "It is a teacher. A teacher. Promise," Biden told the NEA, the nation's largest teachers union, back in July 2019.

"It seems like something we would take for granted, that the secretary of education would be an educator," the NEA's Pringle said. "But no, it is something we have to say out loud." And she added, "It brings a smile to my face to say it."

However, that doesn't necessarily mean a K-12 teacher. "The most politically savvy thing for them to do," the Fordham Institute's Petrilli said, "is to pick somebody from the world of higher education who can get around some of the complications with their reform wing versus the union wing within the [Democratic Party]."


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