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Rounders Template

Well, everyone would love to make some money from their personal pastime. That's the case for Hackosphere. But our friend Denis (aka Protesto) just released a new template that includes most of the hotest hacks ever.

1. Google Translation for posts from Vivek.
2. Social Bookmark posts with one link using Socializer.
3. Peekaboo posts with summary in main page from Ramani
4. Peek-A-Boo view of posts in label/archive pages from Ramani
7. Labels as breadcrumb from Hoctro.
8. Label Feeds from PurpleMoggy.
9. Open Linklist links in a new window from Vivek.
10. Bloggerattom Hovering Blogger Navbar from Bloggeratto
11. Technorati Link Count Widget for blogger beta.
12. Navigational Icons by Hoctro.
13. Comment Author Photos from Singpolyma, updated by Purplemoggy for blogger beta.

Do I have to say anything else? Go visit iMessenger and grab it.

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