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Top Social Networks of 2006

This is a research conducted by Mashable but they say the people who was designated to run the enterprise 'don’t have any competing services in the social networking space'. Anyways I think it deserves to point it out who's who in this matter:

1. Mainstream and Large Scale Networks: MySpace, Multiply.
2. Widgets and Add-Ons: Slide.com, Zwinky.
3. Social News and Social Bookmarking: Digg, Trailfire.
4. Sports and Fitness: FanNation, Takkle.
5. Photo Sharing: Flickr, Twango.
6. Video Sharing: YouTube, Gotuit.
7. Startpages: Netvibes, Pagefakes.
8. Places and Events: Yelp, College Tonight.
9. Music: Last.fm, ReverbNation, MOG.
10. Social Shopping:Etsy, ThisNext.
11. Mobile: Twitter, Wadja.
12. Niche and Miscellaneous Social Networks: Flixter, Dogster, LibraryThing.

I've highlighted only my personal picks.

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