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2000 Bloggers And We Are In It!

Yet another intriguing meme hits blog play! Developed by the now so popular Tino Buntic , this one highlights 2000 bloggers (just two thousand out of 63.2 millions according to Technorati) and includes celebrities and the "rest of us" with equal abandon. You'll see Seth Goden and that Trump guy. Hundreds of other folks, and well, me. You'll see me, too.

Featuring Education & Technology.

Technorati is not so happy about Tino's Project and Shuts Down 2000 Bloggers. Consequently I am also opting out the Project were I get to know very interesting bloggers. So sad!

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  1. I'm in the 800, the translucent guy in the red shirt, with the yellow background from the SK flag.

  2. Hola! You mAde It! Now Vote and be counted at hotelanyware.blogspot.com
    and leave a comment--
    2000 Bloggers-Idol meets Survivor with Apprentice: Vote some off the island!

    The @List Blogroll(It's like a Z list, only different)

  3. Thanks for posting the 2000 faces and including Flooring The Consumer. Isn't this an amazing way to capture the diversity of the blogosphere?

  4. Could you please remove my link from the 2000 project.