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How important is to have a network

I will write as many as possible about networking not only in general terms but as socialnetworking. The term could be new but the process has been there since the Cromagnon learnt how to use his hands in order to perform superior activities. I think it is a process for the social transformations, the concentration of power and a way to hold the establishment. However, nowadays we have a new perception of the importance of socialnetworking.

The Internet had opened many way of interactions as you all very well know. We all have many purposes to create networks and at the same time different methods to get into the train, let's say MyBlogLog and Flickr. The laboral environment of course doesn't fail to be among those tools and we have a Job Board Bubble growing so quick. The education network grows at significatively levels, see for example Boles University Project. The weblogs had grown to top the 65 millions right now and the networks are increasingly growing at such speed. Check out Outpost (where you can also read our blog now) or the 2000 Bloggers proposal. Amelie's TrendyFriendly network is another good example.

I've found a blog where you can interchange links by free. The only thing you need to do is write your own positive review about her blog. This is a very young and attractive girl who was living in the Big Apple and nowadays is in her natal Tokyo. This entrepreneurial business young girl is Kumiko Suzuki. She had to leave NY for about five years now and while living with her grandpa, she is into a a big project. Being a fond of the web she's into get cash throughout Internet surfing. She claims to be working for Yoshinova (a kind of Fast food-the Japanese way) but because she was raised in the U.S. she's still struggling with her japanese. Go say hi from TonNet and help her out with this very original project. I love the smart young new generation!

This post is becoming long enough! I don't want to lose the thread and present FunForever, where a post called my attention. See for yourselves this beautiful grass designs.

What happened with the education and the technology? Well, here we go. W. Richardson share a important issue for those who love to read and may be link the New York Times, you can get some links behind the subscription wall, how?. Try its NYTimes link generator.

I've reading quite a long time trick and tips of how to increase traffic and gain visitors, not for money in this case (sorry Kumiko). Today Rugjeff has posted 10 Tips to improve your Google page rank and I guess TonNet should work a little bit harder the topic numbered under 9. Not everyone trackback to your homepage.

Yesterday I've joined to the developing your blog posts meme and Library Clips without getting into the sort of game allow his reader keep track of his personal ways of collecting links for future blog posts. Mind to share yours?

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