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Developing Blog Posts Topics

I am not that sad but of course almost everyone loves to be tagged and mostly when it is from your personal interest. Today I've found this Developing blog posts topics from a blog that I read almost everyday and it is kind of interesting to know how you pick the topics for your posts, isn't? So, here we go:

1. Check my Boglines subscription. This is the very first thing I do every morning after woke up. It gives an update of what's going on around my network and things that I am passionate about.

2. Select every topic I've found it is new or interesting under my referential frame. I think you should have handy something to talk about, not only a link but a referent about a new discovery and most important if this is a topic which you are or you were looking out long time ago.

3. Synthesize involving those topics and ideas . This is the hardest part to me. It is quite easy to link out from a source but to find the right topic which synthesize all what will be included in the post is a hard work. I used to select something relevant out of all sources and a few times I copy the same topic as it is proposed in the source. Sorry about that!

4. Educational issues not only for teachers but parents. Being an educator, I really love to read and reproduce information about what's going on in the educational spectrum. Sometimes I have to offer some kind of deli in order to let you entertain with a post, in other words, I can go from politics to .NET development.

5. Technology and Socialnetworking. Yes, a part of being very passionate about education, as Wesley says, when you find something that is cool and fun, I think you have an obligation to share it! And precisely what I try to do I am very into web developing, new applications, the power of social networks and gadgetry.

I would love to pass it on not only to my friends but to anyone who finds it cool and interesting. I am not against the "The five things you didn't know about me" but I strongly believe this one is much better. If you want to put it in Technorati then follow Brian's suggestion. Try howdoyouwrite. Remember everything is about socialnetworks and not only teenagers but adults as you and me.

I pass the baton to: Avatar, Silvia Porras, Protesto, Martha Isabel, Fernado Doylet, El Oso, Carmen Gonzalez; and, BaBalingus.

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  1. TonNet,

    Thanks for taking up the challenge and posting on how/why you go about blogging. I am finding that the more posts I read responding to this question, that there are common elements we all share concerning our processes.


  2. Hey Brian,

    Thanks to dropping by and keep monitoring your link out. I guess we can share some commmon elements but every one has particular procedures and that's precuisely what makes the meme so important!