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Essential Tools For Bloggers & The Wikipedia Rel=No Follow

It's being quite a bit I don't write, link or publish nothing about web design. Thanks to the time I've got today and after reading Funny Monday (everyone should have a section like this one, I guess, came through a blog that expose everything about entertaining but not webtech or categories like that. However, Essential Tools Every Blogger Should Have is a good selection which be just handy when you have to write in your blog and want to look a litte bit different that everybody else. All writing is both a mask and an unveiling. Pass it on!

Now this are news to me, Amit Agarwal say that Wikipedia must rollback the rel=nofollow change. Why? Because third resources will be penalized and chastening everyone for the spammy actions of few individuals is just not right! he says.

The market and we the bloggers are inundated with too many application and webservices but when it comes to video then we stop and start thinking what are the best services that can find around and that could overpass YouTube service. Well, no more go and read Paul Stamatiou and his post about Zudeo. Enough said. The decision is yours.

I am sure you also want to chage once in a while the face of your blog. No because you don't like it anymore but you go and visit others' and see interesting designs or something that catch your eye and want to introduce it to your personal blog. I think you will find useful the services Open Designs, you need to register, though.

Do not get scared, but the Earth Warming had hit Ecuador. Do you know anything about the Cotopaxi Volcano? This volcano is located 70 km south from Quito and it just started to melt. See the Spanish report.

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