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What Do You Wish You Learned In College

Techcrunch has brought in this very interesting topic. Have you ever felt that something you didn't learnt at College to discover just after a few years that something should be taught back in those silver years? Well, you are not alone that happened to almost everyone to be optimistic in terms of statistics. I regret not have learnt how to be a good Manager. Period.

Now that Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama y Bill Richardson want to be the next President. American need to think carefully. Not only to pick the right Democrat but to avoid the Republicans to commit suicide not against themselves but innocent families en the American territory. Spread the word through this very interesting project: 2000 bloggers. My Math shows me that I was icluded in the position 583. Hurry up! Only 2000 bloggers A, B or C class will be granted.

Oviedo(Spain) had been chosen for the prime time of Jose Luis Orihuela's book The Weblogs Revolution. Written in Spanish but very soon we could get it in English.

You all know that Wikisari was switched into Wikia. Here a last update of this very useful research tool.

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