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Is Reading Online A Process to Develop Reading Skills?

Nowadays you don't read only books, newspapers and magazines in a traditional manner, our kids and teen have Internet access most of the times and using that computer, they've changed their way of reading. But the question is how blogging plays a role in developing a sophistication in reading interactions?

Will Richardson arrives to the following conclusions:

1. Students are and will be doing more reading in hypertext environments.
2. Reading in hypertext environments requires different literacies than in print environments.
3. Teachers need to teach their how to read effectively in hypertext environments.
4. In order to teach these literacies effectively, teachers must also model their use.
CONCLUSION: Teachers should be reading and writing online (blogging).

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Now, normalas it is in Education & Tech, we need change topic. I am in MyBlogLog network but this analysis got me thinking about the real benefit of belonging to MyBlogLog. Every blogger should be aware of this and I am not whining or complaining, what I try to say is that sometimes we just follow as others do and that's all. We better start thinking about what we do and the quality of what we use in our blogs.

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