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Bloggeratto Is Coming Back, Countdown Begins!

This was a great surprise for me and for the person who recognize himself as a nocturnal animal. Yes, today while awake in the first hours of this day I've spoken with Avatar who is preparing a roll of ten projects for this year. Word of mouth can be found in Efendi's Blog who claims Avatar is doing something deadlier from what we know now.

Avatar says the latinamerican blogosphere is a disaster but has kind comments for Argentina, Chile and Mexico (As it is expected). He claims to be in the Web for about fourteen years now and to be the only Mexican blogger who's moving from English language to Spanish without being in the US. which is a surprise for most bloggers (himself included). Bloggeratto has also kind comments for two ecuadorean bloggers: Juan Javier Larrea y Alt1040.

Very soon you will know of his projects but be careful, you need to be in his 100 contacts list in order to receive the notification. Hurry up! If you don't want to miss anything then drop him an email. Well, he was telling me interesting facts: he's able to translate at least one hundred pages per day and can easily top one thousand words per minute! Such a good reader!

I've also asked him if Avatar uses a Mac. That almost got him down. Please, he said, do not forget who am I, I have a Zune, use XBox360, Windows Vista and a cell phone from that kind. So I've replied knowingly I was getting on his nerves. Take care easy man, you know Gates is very proud of you! Which of course changed his tone and mood.

Be prepared for the news then, our techie friend is alive and will bring powerful information, hacks and design with his new arrival. Stayed tuned!

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  1. Oh Dios, it sure seems that your last thought while we were talking got throught the post itself..

    anyway, thanks for the words.. and man of ma if my return is not getting hyped now.. there are now 10 posts talking about me.. :P

    that is going to get me nervous for sure....