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Let's Go Mobile!

Now that we have the long expected iPhone and after we also learned that Cisco is not happy with Steve Jobs using their registered name, why we don't change our attention to what is happening in the Internet. The buzz is centered in the social networking and after the decision of Yahoo to buy MyBlogLog we will see a very tough competence to bring in users and try to catch the mobile users what it seems to me will be the tendency in the 2007.

If we are getting mobile social networking then is not hard to think what are the chances to start taking classes in our gadgets. Imagine a teen armed with a PDA or any smart phone and a feed reader. I guess it will display social class, smartness and of course a good way to learn what their new Teacher 2.0 has to teach them!

This post in Spanish just impress me. Why? Precisely what was said before, the younger students prefer to be study online, it has to be with the normal curiosity in part and with technological knowledge in terms of tools, applications and information. You will her your classes through podcasts, watch your teacher in videos or simply interact with your tutor using SMS. Isn't that cool? Could be saying one of those smart Intermediate or High School students.

Make a tag(bar code in this case), then put this bar code on your blog or on a poster in the real world. Thanks to MyTago, people can click on a tag to find out some information. In the real world if you see a poster with this tag on it, you can take a photo of it then email it to your account or upload it to your PC.

Now that I have to finish this post, have you ever noticed the latest update of Firefox? I don't. But Lifehacker just solve our problems!

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