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Steve Jobs speaking about his products but not computers

I've following what is said in SF and what it looks a little bit surprising is that this time Mr Jobs did'n speak about computers but his long waited iPhone. He also explain ed why the company was switching names from Apple Computer Inc. to Apple, Inc.

W. Richardson explains why we should keep an eye on a social bookmarking tool that works more eficiently tha Delicious, even though it is a bit slower. You can grab a portion of any page and post it to your or even publish your bookmarks right there in you personal blog. We are talking about Diigo. Give it a try!

E-learning is a concept wide proposed nowadays, that's why is so important to publish a blog in three different language, not simultaneously but every other post. Look out E-learning, conocimiento en red y web2.0. Thanks to BizDeansTalk.

Just in case you've forgotten it pays to give you a remainder: Be a Blogger. But for any reason just blog without following at least a few minor Code of Ethics.

Tired of being searching through Google, Yahoo and all other big search engines? Well, no more. Check out a real search helper according to LibraryClips. This new Beta search engine is called ChaCha (Not, no the song!).

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