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Scholarpedia And More Educational Blogs

I've already spoken about Scholarpedia in this post but today BizDeansTalk goes over it again and says that Scholarpedia combines Wikipedia's open-source principles with a healthy dash of peer review. All the articles are written by scholars who are either invited by Scholarpedia directors or elected by the public. Those articles are anonymously peer reviewed and placed under the charge of 'curators' who must approve any changes.

Four educational blogs had been spotted thanks to the good W. Richardson, Christopher D. Sessums [Skills for the 21st Century Learners]. Christian Long [The Future of Learning & Environments that Shape Engagement]. Dr. Jan's Blog [Perceptions and Events in One of the Hippest School in America]. Richard Lee Colvin [It contains commentary on coverage of issues related to early childhood education, broadly defined, inside and outside of schools, preschools, subway cars, living rooms and the dining table].

I am not Scoble or Jeff Jarvis to be into the group of Blogging Convincers but what I write everyday pretends to keep you informed and give you I wider range of opinions. Concepts such as Mobile Socialnetworking are introduced. New application as Speak a Blog are presented thanks to Spinvox, etc.

And even though this is out of context in this blog I feel the responsibility to help promote the idea of Free Market, why the American currency can be used abroad but not the Mexican Pesos here in the US. There are a thread about what's going on in a Texas Pizza Chain and David Sasaki had pointed it out.

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  1. have you tried it out in the classroom yet? I would like to know from a newbies perspective what if any probs were encountered. --clau

  2. It is outraging that they even "DARE" to be upset with a mostly at the border Pizza Franchise that caters to a Mainly MEXICAN consumer base accepts pesos, when in mexico border we accept dollars as if it they were pesos, you don´t even had to change the money at exchange houses if you don´t want to, anyone will accept them at the exchange price....

    C´mon, i don´t know if i should laugh besides getting upset with it.

    that is something to reafirm that life is stranger than fiction.

  3. Avatar, it's outraging. Imagine if Yucatan stop accepting dollars?

    Clau, I would love to give you input on this but I am not using it yet. I will report it when I start doing it so.