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How Do I Develop A Blog Readership?

With this question Rose DesRochers begins her post today, alling all bloggers to follow a Blog Comment Eiquette which is healthy to every blogger no only because it gets you more hits but also increase your Page Rank. Personally, I don't care hits and PageRank -she also recognize it- what I do care is building lasting relationships, get to know as many people as I can, try to feel the human warm behind a computer. Tha't what it is!

I've already bought a domain in Wordpress and even when I don't think to switch soon I hope to start a new blog overthere and I think a good way to do it is read (in Spanish) , Blogstudio where in five steps they show you how to migrate to Wordpress without a big headache or nightmare. Go and say hello from TonNet.

I consider myself a good reader and a part what everyone says I do believe the regular books still have a long way to stay. I like to read online and chech my feedreaders, follow news, etc. but I can hold the computer in front of me the whole day, then there is the tradicional book, the newspaper any major publishing objetct. Many people think the book will disapear just beacause Lulu is around the corner. They have their market niche and the Publishing Companies theirs. Period!

If you arrive to the end of this post you will notice that I have a post note that says listen the latest post and it has to be with the new services you find in the web in order to make your readers feel confortable, such services allows you to hear in place of read those short or long posts, bple uses Feed2podcast, so far I do feel good with their service. ReadWriteWeb makes a paralel analysis between two mayor services: Botcast and Talkr. And now that we will getting MobaTalk soon, webmasters will need to think hard in order to decide which one to install in theirs templates!

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