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Security Checks For Educational Researchers

This the entry for a post written by A. Russo that shirk my skin. You all know what this means to the researchers not only in the educational field but any other of the wide range of science. Watch what you are doing Sam's police is underground!

I will ever give up on my writing enterprise. That's why again I had to read How Bloggers Can Link to You and I pretty much agree on all 10 steps, specially that letter from David Letterman. As part of thi vision I will also like you participate and pick the 7 New Wonders. Go enjoy!

People with enough experience are switching to Google Reader, I didn't think so but who knows I hop in the new wagon. For now I am happy with Bloglines and the good Greasemonkey Roundup of Lifehacker and the various ways you can communicate with your visitors in your personal blog. What about you?

Politics? President Correa had a meeting with former partners at # 17 Scout Club in Christopher Columbus HS. Democrats are to decide among three now, Barak Obama just jumped in.

Want to decorate your blog? I hate to speak about hacks just right now. However you should take a look and learn how to Show a Random video in you page. A few ways to use Pretty Blockquotes and just in case that's not enough, a cool way to present Text in a Spiral Path.

Have a beautiful day!

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  1. Good links, I've already found many of them very useful.

  2. Thanks Equalium. I also know you are a very good blogger, thanks again fro dropping by.