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SpeedLinking to get Google to notice you

I can't write long post because of time or simply I don't have a thesis to expose or a essay to present. Today, I was reading RugJeff's Blog who says to be against speedlinking, against the benefit it gets to the blogs that are being watched for Google. I do appreciate links and I do practice speedlinking everyday but of course I am not against the hard work, the research y the responsible bloggers.

In order to get indexed by Google is important your keywords not only in your posts but in the metatags of your template, the title should be clear enough to describe what your blog is about and offer a precise and crystal clear description of who you are and what will be the topics in your blog. Do whatever you have to do in order to get a link from 'authorities' . Place your name or blog in very well know websites, let's say MySpace or MyBlogLog. We are to follow the example of YALSA (Young American Library Association) or the nice just created for Latinamerica by NACLA (The North American Congress on Latin America).

Finally, whether you are using Blogger, Wordpress or any other free hosting, still you can manipulate your very own templates in a easy way and without major knowledge in Webdesign. Cowboy makes a good presentation of Weebly and explains step by step how to use AJAX like design for your templates' blog.

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