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Bliki and a Trip to Very Readable Blogs

I couldn't post earlier today because I felt like staying home. The temperatures are so cold that you want to stay home the whole day. Who doesn't love the warmness of home? The bad news I've found is Technorati just shut down 2000 bloggers even when I love the hilarious definitions of memes. The good one is that Steve Jobs is the best link baiter! Will it be another lesson of good linking?

I didn't know about this new term or concept if you prefer to call it that way. Bliki, defined as a web-based collaboration and publishing system that marries the concepts and benefits of a blog based publishing software and a wiki-based collaboration system. No bliki, no love.

PurpleMoggy has a new way to offer your feeds but not through Blogger syndication itself but using a direct procedure with Feedburner. You should give it a try. I am not using it but I trust Purple when he comes with discoveries like this one.

I am fond of social networking and this new system comes to Change the traditional way we are doing it (non-profit organizations. Among all this pages and blog I've found of my interest, I guess yours, too; I have to talk about a beautiful new design of a blog to which we are subscribed, it is Basang Panaginip, in terms of blogging, she's a pretty good example of neat blog design. And speaking of designers, in Ecuador is working in this field Michael Muller, his name doesn't look too much 'guayaquileño' but what we are pleased he is working from Guayaquil(Ecuador).

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  1. Just to clarify, Technorati did not shut down 2000 Bloggers. We made a change to our indexing and posted about it on the Technorati Blog. Please don't misinterpret it as a shut down of anything.

    Have a great day,

  2. Thank you for the reference! In fact I'm not to "guayaquilenio" because my father is german, but I was born in Ecuador (where I live).

  3. Hey! Miller, thanks for being aware of who's linking back. Welcome!