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I Can't Custom my Domain with Blogger

Now I am trying hard. But until now it has being a pain in my *** to configure and start running my custom domain that I just bought from Google Apps. I am slow, I think. Even after reading many times the experiences of other bloggers and following instaBLOKE I still can't see the results. I need some help. Any volunteers?

Not everything is being bad, though. Yesterday I was talking with Professor James A. Sinclair because a autoCAD Course Training. He holds a PhD. but not is only his credentials what makes this gentleman a very distinguished person, is the tremendous potential he encourages in every one of his students. I really love his classes and if you are interested about more you should visit his own company.

Paul Stamatiou was giving out a few invites to try the beta version of Virb, the up and coming social network that I am also interested in. There you can share photos, music, videos, host your own blog, make friends, create groups and establish your very own personality. If you are interested and want to help this guys in the process of testing, leave a comment and I gladly send you an invite. Thanks Stammy!

Be happy and have a wonderful weekend.

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  1. Each domain registrar has slightly different ways to create create CNAME records.

    you may want to check out this link:http://help.blogger.com/bin/answer.py?answer=58317

    I am successfully using use custom domain name on my blogs:
    http://freebies.mutum.org and

  2. I'd like an invite if you have any left. Email is bwana@bwana.org

  3. I didn't see the point. What exactly was the problem with blogger???

  4. Bwana, it seems like you already received an inivtation!

    Thanks Adams. I will take a look and keep trying.

  5. I'm having exactly the same problem with getting a Custom Domain to work. I've looked up many, many, references and interpret the info I get as being conflicting.

    In any event, I have just submitted another change in DNS. We'll see how tht works.

    If you get a solution, I'd appreicate notification! kaw@syntheticsaves.com