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URGENT: Blogger Accounts Might Be Hacked!

Tonight, I went to visit UBH a Spanish Bloggers Network and what I've learned over there let myself paranoid. How can this happen a normal bloggers and plain citizens as our beloved Memori@(What you'll see is not her blog anymore) But the thing is her blog is not the only one been stolen and destroyed, the reported list of blogs so far is in UBH. Please, spread the word!

Someone who calls himself Jaime Ruiz who's publishing supposedly Pais Bizarro (bizarre country) is the person who admittedly commits this kind harsh activities.

Support Spanish bloggers and write about this issue in your blogs. Imagine being in their shoes after one, two or three years of blogging.

Blogger owe us some explanation. Many questions up front. You tell.

Thanks to all fellow bloggers who paid attention to our urgent call. Go Spanish Bloggers Union!

Many other fellow blogger had to suffer this kind of situation but Digital Inspiration points out what to do under those circumstances.

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  1. I'm really scared about this, my blog (http://sinisterinfinity.blogspot.com) in spanis also was hacked, but i was lucky enough to recover it becuase the hacker didn't change the pass and everything went back to normal, nevertheless i'm still paranoic about this happening again, i hope google give us some explanaition, becuase is not only blogger, but also gmail accounts, google reader and others are affected by this security hole, the question is, is this an issue of google or of the users?, time will tell.

  2. Hi.

    Just to make it clear: Jaime Ruiz is not the cracker. It is someone who impersonated him. Pais Bizarro has condemned the attacks specially since we were impersonated by the attacker.