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Between the Cyberbullers and the Networked Education

I couldn't post yesterday but I am still on time to endorse the Stop Ciberbullying Day especially after the widely debated Kathy Sierra's case. "...If we see cruelty or wrong that we have the power to stop, and do nothing, we make ourselves sharers in the guilt.” cites Stephanie Sandifer. I have a 10 years boy that even in his rides to school every morning had experienced the bullying, now what might happened after they get home and reach their computers? Their parents are hard workers and they rely very little on parents but friends (from school, what a coincidence). Who's behind to check out the behaviour of these kids or teens? Well, keep reading. Andy Carvin writes his own history.

The Edublogger Event07 is in progress and we will be talking about socialnetworking and its impact on Education. You can argue that today we experience a social change, the conversation among bloggers carries out knowledge and experiences. We all are moving forward thanks to the process of learning not in the traditional school but throughout networks.

Some educators are talking about dichotomies and pairs in order to explain the phenomena lying in education: there are interesting concepts about anti-teaching. Change Agency establishes, No Learning=No Teaching , in that order. And others begun to talk about pairs: productivity vs. creativity.

Do you have a different way to explain all this stuff? We would like to know your opinions.

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