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EduBlogger Event07: This Saturday, Virtual Speakers All Day Long

This is part of a Manifesto in favor of a new concept of education. The event can be Digged and all of you are very welcome to join us this Saturday , March 31. All Day. For those in the Eastern Time please update your schedule three plus hours need to be added to the regular times shown in this schedule.

It´s all about new & revolutionary education concepts & ideas - meet speakers and attendees in the comment box for great conversations.

The schedule is as follows:

WHEN: Saturday, 03/31/07
WHERE: Steli Efti´s Supercool Blog
WHAT: New Post and Speaker Every Half Hour
First Session: 10am - 1pm Pacific Time (GMT -7hrs)
Second Session: 2pm - 5pm Pacific Time (GMT -7hrs)

10:00 - hj barraza on Decentralised Learning Services for Developing Countries.
10:30 - Jon Bennett on Differentiation for Dummies.
11:00 - Florence Meichel on New technology and knowledge accessibility.
11:30 - Peter Haslam on The Need for Self-Directed Learning
12:00 - Liz Strauss on The Ergonomics of You.
12:30 - Michael Beck on Long Term Memory / Human Computer Storage Techniques.

- break -

02:00 - Joshua Hwang on Zen of Studying.
02:30 - TonNet on Socialnetworking Phenomena & the Impact on Education.
03:00 - Pat Aroune on Community of practice as a model for change in today's schools.
03:30 - Steve Dembo on Is anonymity critical to the success of the edu blogosphere?
04:00 - Steli Efti on The 7 lessons we learned at school that could possibly ruin our lifes.
04:30 - Tiara Shafiq with a bonus post.
05:00 - Open discussion about education...

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