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Why We All Making Websites?

This is a very interesting question brought by J D Wilbur. Every time we need to start a project the very first thing we think up front is a website. And then the author keeps on "I realized that I have a strong predilection for websites because I love the web, and I know what I'm doing when it comes to sites. But that doesn't mean a site is always the right form for every project. It prompted me to reconsider two things: the benefit of Sophie books, and the position of print in light of the network, and what transformations we can make to the printed page."

This last transcript ed part can be associated with the issue about traditionalist journalism and online journalism, many even have come to the conclusion that in short time we won't have any more print editions for very well positioned newspapers. Can this benefit the new tendency and habit of new consumers such as Mobile Play. Here in the U.S almost everything goes mobile, even youtube is starting a new design only for smart phones.

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